Onion supplies further dropped by about 20 per cent in wholesale markets of the national Capital on Tuesday, but a fall in demand kept the prices at Rs 60 per kg, little changed from previous day.

Against arrival of around 1,020 tonnes of onion yesterday, supply slid to nearly 810 tonnes today in the Azadpur market (the Asia’s biggest fruit & vegetables market), the General Secretary of Onion and Tomato Merchants Association, Rajendra Sharma, told PTI.

A total of 70 tempos (each carrying 9 tonne) and 12 trucks (each carrying 15 tonne) of onion totalling 810 tonne landed in the Azadpur market on Tuesday, Mr. Sharma said.

About 80 tempos and 20 trucks totalling 1,020 tonne had arrived in the Azadpur market from Rajasthan, Maharashtra and Gujarat on Monday.

There has been a drop in the supply of onion in the last 24 hours in Ghazipur vegetables market too.

Against five trucks of onion (each carrying around 8 tonne) yesterday, only two trucks came to the market today, an onion trader of Ghazipur market, Raj Kumar Luthra, told PTI.

Sharma and Surendra Budhi Raj, a big onion trader at Azadpur, said the supply situation is unlikely to improve before arrival of fresh crops from Nashik and Rajasthan expectedly in another fortnight time.

Both Sharma and Luthra said the depleted onion supplies did not had much impact on an already high wholesale prices of the produce yesterday at Rs 30-60 a kg as demand has fallen substantially.

Onion prices have doubled to Rs 60-70 a kg in retail markets in the national capital in the past few days. Though traders attribute the price rise to supply crunch, the government say it is mainly due to “hoarding and speculation.”