A record number of more than 40,000 units of Kudumbasree women self-help groups displayed products at Onam trade fairs in the State this year.

The total business turnover of Kudumbasree products at 1,165 Onam fairs that would continue till next week is expected to be around Rs.15 crore, nearly Rs.1.5 crore more than last year, official sources said.

Around 73,630 families, mostly from BPL category, make a living through micro-enterprises under the Kudumbasree Mission, considered one of the pioneer poverty alleviation programme of the State government.

Dedicated stalls of cashew nuts, honey, pickles, sweetened rice and textiles did good business at the fairs. Outlets of eggs, milk products, herbal products and ethnic food items also recorded excellent turnover, the sources said.

In the 2008 Onam trade fair, total turnover of Kudumbasree from 368 fairs was Rs.3.38 crore. The number of fairs increased to 1,028 in 2009 with a gross sale of Rs.11.71 crore.