Memorable journeys

The much-admired author, who has not written a travelogue till date, talks about his travels, right from his childhood to the present. His memories of Kashmir, Kolkata, Europe, the United States, the Middle East and Switzerland are vividly detailed captured in his writing.

Yathraamadhye, T. Padmanabhan, Rs. 75

Candid thoughts

Collection of 44 essays on people, incidents and ideas arranged in three categories with three different kinds of illustrations by Chans (brush strokes), Prakash Babu (pen drawing) and Vineeth S. Pillai (computer graphics).

Ottayaan, T. J. S. George, Rs. 160

Travel tales

The author, an avid traveller, describes his journeys across Eastern Europe. His trips through Stockholm, Copenhagen, Berlin, Frankfurt, Prague, Warsaw, Minsk, Moscow, Novogorad, St Petersburg and Helsinki are among the places covered.

Natashayude Varna Baloonukal, Santhosh George Kulangara, Rs. 140

Mystery of the bell

A novel based around the famous Methanmani, a clock tower installed near Sree Padmanabha Swamy Temple. The temple treasure and other assets form part of the story.

Methan Mani, Jose Panachippuram, Rs. 65

Mars mission

Comprehensive text on Mangalyaan project, covering its technology, objective and the people behind the project.

Mangalyaan, Lijo George, Rs. 90

Of history and heritage

Spiritual and cultural journey through Europe, especially through parts of Italy, France and Vatican city.

Europe: Athmachihnangal, V.G. Thamy, Rs. 150

A fighter

The novel narrates the story of Gopikkuttan, who works in a petrol pump. Much against his desire, he has to draw cartoons for purple prose magazines. His dilemma forms the narrative.

Kalhanan, Amal, Rs. 195

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In-depth studies

The book is a compilation of 21 papers presented during discussions on C.V. Raman Pillai as part of the 24th death anniversary of literary historian and Gandhian P.K. Parameswaran Nair.

C.V. Padanangal, edited by Panmana Ramachandran Nair, Rs. 195

Verses and nature

According to the author, the book is a comprehensive study of the ecological vision and eco-aesthetic concepts inherent in Malayalam poetry right from early folk songs to contemporary poems.

Malayala Kavithayum Paristhithiyum, Anand Kavalam, Rs. 115

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