Happy read

Re-telling of popular children’s stories and folk tales from Russian literature in two volumes. While some stories are abridged versions, the author has rewritten certain stories to do justice to the original stories.

Soviet Naattile, Balakathakalum Naadodikathakalum, Dr. K. Sreekumar, Rs. 2,250

Destined to suffer

The real life story of an IAS officer who had to face many hurdles in his personal and professional life because he belongs to a caste that is considered backward by society. The heart-warming tale proves that untouchability is in the mind and cannot be removed by acquiring money or a high-profile job.

Nooru Simhaasanangal, Jayamohan, Rs. 60


The author presents anecdotes and incidents from the life of writer and filmmaker Raveendran, popularly known as 'Chintha Ravi'.

Jathakakathakal, Mangad Ratnakaran, Rs. 45

For copies: Mathrubhumi Books

Knowing Nature

Collection of poems for children that introduces them to the wonders of Nature and her beings.

Ammabhoomi, S. Thanuvan Achari, Rs. 45


Yet another sword and sorcery novel that travels through the tumultuous relationship between a man and a woman.

Chandala Bharani, Sunil Parameswaran, Rs. 95

For copies: Current Books

Book of thoughts

This work tries to give you pointers to help you out in a moral dilemma about what is right and wrong.

Manushyarariyan, Maitreyan, Rs. 195

Powerful writing

Compilation of a novel and a play by a feminist author whose outspoken writings caused a furore in those days.

Premabhajanam, Devadoothi, K. Saraswathi Amma, Rs. 85

For copies: DC Books

Soulful verses

Although purely native, the poems of U. Jayachandran, crosses all borders with the use of symbols and thoughts, writes K.P. Kumaran in the foreword to the poetry collection. The poems have a visual appeal too, just like what you see in a kaleidoscope, he adds.

Sooryante Maamsam, U. Jayachandran, Rs. 80

For copies: Niyogam Books