Malayalacinemayile Vaanavarum, Veenavarum, Chelangattu Gopalakrishnan, Rs. 160

Reality bytes

The film industry is not just about glamour and glitz. The book tells the tales of those people who rose to fame and those who were left to live in penury. Directors, actors, producers, cameramen, singers … the author has covered all of them.

Babukka, Bicha Baburaj and P. Zakir Hussain, Rs. 95

Remembering Baburaj

The history of Malayalam cinema and its music is incomplete without Baburaj. Bicha, wife of legendary musician Baburaj, remembers her husband in the book.

Nandanar Kathakal, Nandanar, Rs. 275

Rooted to soil

One of the most endearing authors in Malayalam, he portrays the rustic glory of villages of Kerala. The charm of folk tales come forth in his writings.

Daivam Katha Vaayikkunnundu, Asokan Charuvil, Rs. 65


The author presents instances from his personal life. Simple narrative style and clarity of thought make the chapters stand out.

Keralathinu Anuyojyamaya Orchidukal, B. Gopinathan Vakkom, Rs. 95

All about orchids

The book is dedicated to orchids. Get to know more about different orchids, mode of cultivation, tackling pests, the market for the flower….

For copies: DC Books

Nirdharanam, Ayyaneth, Rs. 200

Complexities of life

The novel unfolds the facets of human life through man-woman relationships.

Onlinil Sreeja Vilikkunnu, Punnayurkkulam Zainuddeen, Rs. 70

Notes from the Gulf

The stories in the book are based on life in the Gulf countries.

For copies: Current Books

Keralathile Police Samkhadana – Oru Sathyanweshanam, K.J. George Francis, Rs. 500

The police story

The author, founder and secretary of Kerala Police Association, writes about what led to the formation of the Association and the changes that have come into the police force over the years. The book is divided into four parts.

For copies: Kerala Police Pensioners and Family Cultural Centre