Highlighting undercurrents

A collection of 15 stories written between 2002 and 2012. His works invite your attention to undercurrents in society, history and politics.

Anand: Kathakal 2002-2012, Anand, Rs. 125

Musical journey

The book compiles studies on 24 Carnatic vocalists of the past and the present.

Karnatakasangeetha kaaranmar, Ramesh Gopalakrishnan, Rs. 120

On relationships

A compilation of three novellas based around themes such as love, lost, grief and renunciation. The works Narthanasala, Vishadakala and Viva Goa take readers through the unexplored zones in human lives.

Viva Goa, C.V.Balakrishnan, Rs. 70

Hard-hitting verses

A cocktail of emotions is expressed in this collection of poems by the author, who is news editor and head of current affairs with Jeevan TV.

Kaathushikshikkane, M.S.Banesh, Rs. 70

Speaking for nature

A collection of articles related to environment and issues that loom large over nature. The author has voiced these opinions on various platforms and publications over the years.

Kaadinu Kaaval, Sugathakumari, Rs. 150

Food for thought

Chemmanam Chacko reacts to social, political and contemporary issues through his verses. And there are very few who have not borne the brunt of his humour.

Thalelezhuthu, Chemmanam Chacko, Rs. 125

Re-telling history

Historical incidents are presented in simple format to help students in learning history. A particular event is presented through media reports, government reports, eyewitness accounts and books and then analysed.

Enthinumondoru Katha Parayaan, K.Rema, Rs. 100

For copies: DC Books

Breaking new ground

A collection of 15 short stories by Saudi Arabia-based author. The paintings in the book are by the author herself.

Breaking News, Rubeena Niwas, Rs. 145

For copies: Voice Books

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