Pick of the lot

It is a part of a series in which noted Malayalam writers have compiled the favourite stories they have written. Sara Joseph, known for her political interventions when it comes to women’s issues, has chosen 12 such short stories in this book.

Ente Priyapetta Kathakal, Sara Joseph, Rs. 65

A fresh perspective

Powerful female characters from the Puranas, created by Valmiki and Veda Vyas, get a new interpretation and treatment in the hands of Lalithambika Antharjanam. First published in 1972, this book talks about the life and times of characters such as Seetha, Kunthi, Draupadi, Urmila and Sathyavathi.

Seetha Muthal Sathyavathi Vare, Lalithambika Antharjanam, Rs. 60

Imparting wisdom

Believed to be written by the father of Malayalam language, Thunchathu Ezhuthachan, Chintaarathnam presents the gist of the verses in the Vedas and Upanishads. Balan Kurungottu has captured the narration in prose.

Chinthaarathnam, Thunchathu Ezhuthachan, Rs. 70

Panna’s tale

It is the story of Panna’s wait for her brother Mothi, a fisherman at sea. Unfortunately, a tired Panna is washed away by the waves. Will the brother and sister meet?

Panna, Rosemary’s translation of Madhavikutty’s English novel, Rs. 40

A fine collection

Compilation of some of the best poems written by O.N.V. Kurup. Over 70 poems have been included in the book. The final list was approved by the poet himself.

O.N.V.yute Thiranjetutha Kavithakal Suvarnapusthakam, O.N.V.Kurup, Rs. 275

For copies: DC Books

Touching human lives

The book has four novels of the author – Sthrainam (winner of Joseph Mundassery Award), Vadakku Ninnoru Kudumbavrithantham (winner of Kerala Sahitya Akademi Award), Mrithyuyogam and Harithaabhakalkkappuram.

Each is different from the other with regard to theme, milieu and treatment.

Akbar Kakkattilinte Nalu Novelukal, Akbar Kakkattil, Rs. 300

For copies: Poorna Publications

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