The book is a compilation of interesting incidents and funny moments that the author came across while surfing the history of the Kerala Legislative Assembly. He picks amusing instances from the legislative councils of Travancore, Kochi, and Travancore-Kochi states and of the Assembly in its present form. Besides tickling the funny bone, the book presents a picture of society of those times.

Rekhaayanam – Niyamasabha Phalithangal

D. Babu Paul, Rs.65


A personal touch

The book is a tribute to the author who passed away in 2010. It includes those stories that he wanted to bring out as ‘Athipottayilekkulla Vazhikal,' and those which he wrote in the early days of his career. It is a journey through the rustic life of Athipotta in Palakkad district, where the author was born, its people and culture.

Athipottayilekkulla Vazhikal

M.V.Gopalakrishnan Rs.90


Rain of poetry

The poetry collection presents a rich literary experience combining the traditional structure of poetry with a new poetic form.


Rafeeq Ahammed, Rs.40

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