A real treat

A collection of cartoons, caricatures and articles on Leader of the Opposition V.S. Achuthanandan. The book also has the veteran politician’s comments on the cartoons.

Vara Vari VS, edited by Sudhirnath, Rs. 80

Dreaming big

The novel is about a youngster who dreams of becoming a famous writer. On the wings of imagination he journeys through life, only to stumble upon harsh realities in real life.

Enikku Chethan Bhagath Avanam, Mohammed Shafeekh, Rs. 95

Life torn apart

Gripping story of a non-resident Indian woman. She lives for others, forgetting her dreams, but, ultimately, she gets lost in a labyrinth of mental illness.

Saya, Femina Jabbar, Rs. 70

Fresh vignettes

“The author creates a world of her own through 51 poems…Her verses are rich in colours than fragrance…,” says poet-lyricist Rafeeq Ahamed in his foreword to the book. The poetess is a Mohiniyattam dancer as well. Perhaps, that is why why there are elements of dance in her verses.

Nettezhuthu, Sampreetha, Rs. 70

The real picture

Journey through the life and culture of the Paniyar community in Wayanad and experience the problems faced by the Adivasi community in the country. It is a chronicle of their exploitation and examines why a new generation is rising up in arms against the injustice.

Karutha Pulikal Janikkunathu, Jose Pazhukaran, Rs. 150

Destiny’s children

Kandaarutti and his younger brother Kuttappu, both coconut climbers, have a wife, Kali, and a child. Drastic changes throw their happy lives into disarray. The life and culture of the coconut climbers in Ponnani region are documented in the novel.

Kettangalude Moonnu Dashabdangal, Manoharan V.Perakom, Rs. 95

A tribute

A homage to the late legendary actor Thilakan. The actor himself recalls his experiences in the industry in a section of the book. He talks frankly about the controversies and conflicts surrounding his professional and personal life. Colleagues remember the actor in another section.

Thilakan: Jeevitham Orma, compiled by Sajil Sreedhar, Rs. 125

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