Throwing light on Buddhism

A comprehensive book on ‘Samyuka nikaya’ and ‘Anguthara nikaya’ , two among the discourses of Lord Buddha. Written in lucid prose, the discourses pronounce the universal truth that desire is the cause for all sorrows and also presents the path to nirvana.

Buddhadharma-prakashika, R.N.Pillai, Rs.210

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Knowing the reformers

Sree Sankaracharya, Chattambi Swami, Sree Narayana Guru, Brahmananda Sivayogi and Vagbhadananda Gurudevan have been instrumental in shaping not only the spiritual history of Kerala but also the polity and society of Kerala. They have played vital roles in the cultural history of the state. The author presents the life and times of the reformers in a simple style.

Sreesankaran Muthal Sreenarayanan Vare, Thottappalli Raveendranath, Rs.75

Tales of truth

A collection of 51 stories to guide readers who are searching for the path to righteousness and honesty. Kings, prophets, learned men and ordinary people come as characters in these stories which present people who represent the best examples of virtues such as truth, justice, generosity and brotherhood.

Islaamika Charithrakathakal, Pullampara Shamsudeen, Rs.180

Marry or not

Marriage as an institution is examined thoroughly in Committed by Elizabeth Gilbert, and could be treated as a sequel to her previous work, Eat Pray Love. Relationships are examined from a multitude of perspectives. The author is debating whether or not to marry her boyfriend and so goes on a one-year study of marriage's evolution, its variations and drawbacks.

Committed, Elizabeth Gilbert (translated as Snehotsavam by Ambika), Rs. 140

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