The author presents the life and times of Prophet Muhammed. The author tries to understand Him in the light of history and psychology.

Muhammed Enna Manushyan, N.M.Muhammedali, Rs. 140

For copies: DC Books, Kottayam

Stark realities

A compilation of poems which lays threadbare a society that is falling apart. The verses present a true picture of contemporary society.

Nokkukuthi, Aziz Achanambalam, Rs.60

A nostalgic trip

The book has 25 poems that are lucid and simple portrayals from the author's life. The poems stand out on account of their innocence. Since he is an astrologer by profession, symbols and images from the field found a place in his lines.

Yathrayiloridavela, Balakrishnan Thuvooru, Rs.50

Gandhari's plight

This novel is dedicated to Gandhari, whose emotional turmoil in the Mahabharata is beyond description. There is perhaps no parallel to Gandhari in world literature when one takes into account her profound grief, as a wife and a mother.

Yadho Dharma Statho Jaya, Hariharan Kadungapuram, Rs.120

For copies: Voice Publications, Manjeri

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