Irandavadu Apple – S.L.V. Murthy – Vikatan Prasuram, 757, Anna Salai – Rs. 75.

He redefined digital technology, placing it in the palm of the common man. The legend called Steve Jobs was ruthless in his pursuit and faced several ups and downs before recording achievements. This book takes the reader through the life of Jobs in a crisp, eminently readable style. The objective approach is a big plus, Jobs’s strengths and his weaknesses, his virtues and warts woven into the 150-page biography.

Thane Aadiya Thandavam – A. Hussein – Published by U. Nazila Begum, 309, Bharatiar Salai – Puducheri - 605008 – Phone 9442582281 (0413-2255241) – Rs. 200.

On October 16, 1916, Puducherry was ravaged by cyclone. Subramania Bharati composed a song on the devastation caused by Nature’s fury and thus recorded it for posterity. Now Hussein, who lives in Puducherry, has captured through a string of verses, the trail of disaster left by Thane, the cyclonic storm that played havoc with coastal lands. It is not just a lamentation. Giving Nature its due, the writer points a finger at the callousness of Man, who is treating her resources with scant respect.

(Compiled by G.V.)

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