Sidin Vadukut is back with his new book on Robin ‘Einstein' Varghese

Robin ‘Einstein’ Varghese is back. The entrant in Sidin Vadukut's Dork: The Incredible Adventures of Robin ‘Einstein' Varghese, Robin is as ‘dorkish’ as ever and will be seen starring in his final series – Who Let The Dork Out? Robin, is now running the Delhi Lederman office and is considered a master strategist, media expert, and international financial wizard. In an e-mail interview with MetroPlus, Sidin talks about Robin and on how the story ends.

Who Let The Dork Out?

In terms of timeline, the plan for the series was to have Robin move up the corporate ladder starting from book one. For Who Let The Dork Out?, I wanted to see what happens when Robin enters a top level job.

End of a series

My initial feeling was one of relief. It was quite exhausting to write and be Robin. There was no other way to write the book, I had to put myself into his frame of mind. I also had to balance both writing the book and a lot of other writing as I do make a living as a journalist as well. I have at least a couple of notebooks more full of Dork ideas, scenarios, angles and jokes. But I have a feeling I am done with the character for the next few years. I want to take a break and try some other things. I will miss him though.


I had no idea it would be a trilogy when I first started writing Dork: The Incredible Adventures of Robin ‘Einstein' Varghese. After I'd finished the book and sent it away to Penguin, they came back to me and asked me if I thought the character had more life in him. I started thinking about it and it became clear to me. The first job, middle management and top management structure made sense to me.

The seed for Dork

Eight years ago I wrote this blogpost, when I was in business school, about a character who was vaguely like Robin. It was a somewhat popular blogpost. But then I forgot all about it after that. Then a few years later, when a publisher asked me to pitch book ideas my wife, Ruchika, suggested that I resuscitate that guy. That blog post was also in all diary entries. So I've stayed true to the format.


My next project is a couple of non-fiction books for Rupa Publications. My first book is a fun, breezy, non-fiction book on certain elements of Indian patriotism. I am also tempted to do a World War II thriller novel.


I live with my wife in London. Her family lives in Delhi, while mine lives in Thrissur. My dad worked in the Gulf for many years but returned to Kerala three years ago.


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