Rahul Singh is a writer and journalist. Educated in St Stephens, Delhi University and Kings College, Cambridge, he began his career as the youngest ever Assistant Editor with the Times of India.

Since then, he has served as Editor for various publications, including the Reader’s Digest (during which time he also set up its Hindi counterpart, Sarvottam), the Indian Express (for their Delhi, Bombay and Chandigarh editions), the Indian Post, the Sunday Observer and the Khaleej Times.

As a consultant of the United Nations, he wrote Family Planning Success Stories:Asia, Africa, Latin America, which allowed him to explore population control programs in 12 countries. At present he is a syndicated columnist and is working on two books.

Rahul is associated with three Non-Governmental Organizations connected with reproductive health and literacy: DKT India, Population Institute and World Literacy of Canada. He splits his time between Bombay, Delhi, Kasauli and Goa.

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