Looking Beyond

Jayanti Sen, Rs. 895.00

This work provides an overview of the immense body of work that constitutes renowned Indian filmmaker Satyajit Ray’s graphic designs. Ray designed more than 5,500 book covers, posters, advertisement layouts, and film titles. This book tries to delve into the depths of the artist’s psyche to recreate the magic of a genius in both images and words.

Around India In 80 Trains

Monisha Rajesh, Rs. 295.00

The writer embarks on a 40,000 km adventure around India in 80 trains. Travelling a distance equivalent to the circumference of the Earth, she lifted the veil on a country that had become a stranger to her. This is a story of adventure and drama.

Thailand For the Indian Traveller

Rs. 495.00

This guidebook helps you plan your holiday to Thailand, decide which places to visit, where to stay, eat, shop and have fun.

Gandhi CEO

Alan Axelrod, Rs. 299.00

The author breaks down Gandhi’s leadership strategies into 14 key facets and 100 hundred lessons, each illustrated with quotes from Gandhi and with representative situations from his life.

Sarojini Naidu: Her Way With Words

Rs. 395.00

This work brings to light some aspects of her fascinating personality – the romantic poet, the fervent patriot and the skilful writer. In a collection of writings about her, an essay by her as well as selections of poems, folk song and letters, the reader is given an insight into the life and times of this woman and her rich legacy.

The Other Senses

Preeti Monga, Rs. 250.00

This is an inspiring true story of a visually impaired woman and her road to success.

Things Indian

William Crooke, Rs. 795.00

This book is intended to form one of the series which already includes Things Chinese and Things Japanese. It includes discursive notes on various subjects connected with India.

An Eternal Romantic

Sreelatha, Rs. 145.00

This work poignantly narrates Indira’s journey from a teenager in love to a middle-aged woman. Despite the vicissitudes of love she continues to be in love with the idea of love.

Hidden Women

Greta Rana, Rs. 395.00

Shades and shadows in the life of Jung Bahadur Rana who founded the Rana dynasty that ruled Nepal for 104 years, this work is about women about whom we know nothing, or very little. Not much is written about the women in his life in the archives.

Gupp & Gossip from the Hills

Ganesh Saili, Rs. 395.00

The author records the innuendoes, whispered asides, unspoken truths and day-to-day falsehoods of a hill station’s life. He reveals his very personal collection of gupp and gossip from the foothills of the Himalayas.

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