House Of Cards: Sudha Murty, Rs. 250

This intricately woven novel explores human relationships in telling detail and holds up a mirror to society with candour and with conviction.

The Aftermath: Adam Rutherford, Rs. 550

A stunning novel about our fiercest loyalties, our deepest desires and the transforming power of forgiveness.

The Sea Change: Joanna Rossiter, Rs. 399

A haunting and moving novel about a mother and a daughter caught between a tsunami and a war.

The Professor Of Truth: James Robertson, Rs. 699

The new novel inspired by the Lockerbie bombing by the author of The Testament of Gideon Mack and And The Land Lay Still.

The Rataban Betrayal: Stephen Alter, Rs. 299

An action thriller with an extraordinary storyline that takes readers on a breathless pace through the Himalayas.


Squaring The Circle: Seven Steps to Indian Renaissance: A.P.J. Abdul Kalam And Arun Tiwari, Rs. 295

The authors call for an Indian Renaissance, which they describe in seven steps involving the common people of the land, in particular, the youth.

Masters Of The World: How Media Shaped History: William Bernstein, Rs. 799

Chronicles the development of communication technology, starting with the birth of writing thousands of years ago in Mesopotamia.

Identically Different: Why You Can Change Your Genes: Tim Spector, Rs. 450

A dazzling guide to the hidden world of our genes that reveals the complex role they play in shaping our identities.

I Invented The Modern Age: The Rise Of Henry Ford: Richard Snow, Rs. 699

Vividly shows Ford using his innate mechanical abilities, hard work, and radical imagination as he transformed American industry.

Pathways To Nonviolent Resistance: Bold-Faced Wisdom From The Early Writings: Mahatma Gandhi, Rs. 499

Gandhi’s formative works, the foundation upon which he built his lifelong philosophy. This includes speeches, letters, articles, and other documents written from roughly 1893 to 1923.

Source: DC Books

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