Mad Girl’s Love Song: Rukmini Bhaya Nair, Rs. 399

A story that encompasses past, present and future, and held together by love, longing and literature.

Prophet Of Love: Farrukh Dhondy, Rs. 299

It is about sexual duplicity and intrigue, with a charismatic god-man at its centre.

The Hired Man: Aminatta Forna, Rs. 499

Ingenious examination of the kind of ghosts that those with no experience of the civil war are unable to see.

This Is Where I Am: Karen Campbell, Rs.799

Of loss and guilt, friendship and hope, and of what we can grow from the ashes of the past.

She Rises: A Novel: Kate Worsley; Rs. 499

This bold, brilliant and utterly original love story is a gripping search for identity and survival.


An Uncertain Glory: UNCERTAIN GLORY: India And Its Contradictions: Jean Dreze and Amartya Sen; Rs. 699

Presents a powerful analysis not only of India’s deprivations and inequalities, but also of the restraints on addressing them.

Post-Colonial Theory And The Specter of Capital: Vivek Chibber, Rs. 450

Offers the most comprehensive response yet to post-colonial theory; promises to be a historical milestone in contemporary social theory.

Midnight To The Boom: MIDNIGHT TO THE BOOM: Painting In India After Independence: Susan S. Bean, Rs. 2,660

Beautifully illustrated publication that brings forth a deep knowledge of both India and modern and contemporary art.

Children Of The Days: Collection Of Human History: Eduardo Galeano, Rs. 799

A majestic humanist treasure that shows us how to live and how to remember.

The Anatomy Of Violence: The Biological Roots Of Crime: Adrian Raine, Rs. 899

Reveals the inside story on the working of the brains of murderers, psychopaths and serial killers.


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