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As the River Flows

Rs. 299.00

This book brings together some of the finest contemporary short stories from Assam. The wide variety of styles and concerns here give us a glimpse into the lives of those living beside the Brahmaputra.


Mainak Dhar, Rs. 250.00

College student by day and winnable fighter pilot by night Aaditya’s knowledge of flying and fighter planes is displayed only on flight sims and Internet forums. A chance encounter propels him into the centre of an ancient conflict…

How to Fight Islamist Terror From the Missionary Position

Tabish Khair, Rs. 450.00

This work tells the interlinked stories of three men – the flamboyant Ravi, the fundamentalist Karim and the unnamed and pragmatic Pakistani narrator. It is also a bitter-sweet novel about love and life today.

Travels With

A Tangerine

Tim Mackintosh-Smith,

Rs. 450.00

The award-winning travel writer sets out on his own eventful journey, retracing Ibn Battutah’s trip from Tangier to Constantinople. Tim proves himself a perfect companion to this distant traveller, and the result is an amazing blend of personalities, history and contemporary observation.

The Householder

Amitabha Bagchi,

Rs. 399.00

The author writes of a world where favours are currency, where access to power sometimes feels like a prerequisite for survival, where power can be both total and ephemeral. This novel is a view from within this world.

The Nonverbal


Carol Kinsey Goman,

Rs. 250.00

This book reveals the power of body language to fully align one’s message and build trust and credibility in all business interactions.

The Terrorist

Juggi Bhasin, Rs. 250.00

Savir and Murand, both victims of circumstances, both numb with the pain of having lost their loved ones, choose to do things differently. While one becomes the most feared of terrorists, the other joins the Special Forces. Their face-off is a fight to death…

A World Without Islam

Graham E. Fuller,

Rs. 350.00

This work takes us on an illuminating journey through history, geopolitics and religion to investigate whether there is something unique in Islam and its followers that breeds violence and conflict.

Breakout Nations

Ruchir Sharma,

Rs. 599.00

To identify breakout nations it is a key to travel with an eye toward understanding which economic and political forces are in play at the moment and whether they point to growth, and at what speed. This book examines which nations are likely to flourish or disappoint in the new era of diverging economic prospects.

Em and the Big Hoom

Jerry Pinto, Rs. 495.00

This is a novel about a boy growing up in Mumbai, in a one-bedroom-hall-kitchen, with a mentally afflicted mother. A searing, and at times darkly funny, study of mental illness. It is also a moving story of love and family relationships.

(Source: Kochi Books, Fort Kochi. Phone: 2218730.

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