Navya Taana Varnamulu, Devimurty Nava Sudhaa Deepti: Both the books by Nallan Chakravartula Murthy; Ajanta Arts Academy Publications, 210, Sai Bharath Towers, DD Colony, Hyderabad-500007. Rs. 150 each.

Of the two works of musical compositions, the first is a collection of 10 varnams in select janya ragas that give ample scope for manodharma. The composer has attempted a few deviations from the traditional format by incorporating more sahitya, by arranging the sahitya and svara in the second half of the charanas in a manner that makes it easier to sing and by defining the range of the varnams between panchamas of the lower register and the higher.

Some of the varnams are in ragas not very often employed for varnas. Of the 10 varnams, four are in Sanskrit and the rest in Telugu. All of them are given in Telugu and transliterated in roman script with notation.

The second book is a collection of nine compositions on Kamalamba in nine different ragas — Saveri, Abheri, Nayaki, Dvijavanti, Natakurunji, Athana, Begada, Hamir Kalyani and Surati. For all the apparent similarities, these pieces differ from Muthuswamy Dikshitar's renowned Kamalamba navavarana kritis in structure, approach, and even in content.

The composer feels that these are easier to understand and sing than those of Dikshitar. The lyrical structure of the compositions is at times confusing, since it jumps from Telugu to Sanskrit. However, one cannot deny Murthy a place among contemporary vaggeyakaras.

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