Poet and writer C. Narayana Reddy recently celebrated his 81st birthday.

The 81st birthday of Jnanpeeth Awardee C. Narayana Reddy was celebrated with much fanfare at Ravindra Bharathi, under the aegis of Vamsee International. The speakers called him ‘an era in Telugu literature.' Justice Grandhi Bhavani Prasad, the chief guest, called him Sarvabhouma (emperor) of Telugu literature. He released CNR's latest work Naa Choopu Repati Vaipu and gave the first book to A.P. Hindi Academy Chairman Yarlagadda Lakshmi Prasad, a novelist. More focus was on Narayana Reddy's record number of songs he wrote for films, with great poetic content. His songs had always carried his stamp of authority and bore totally a different look and image, for, some of his compositions carried a social outlook and message. He wrote plenty of Telugu songs adapting ghazal techniques. Yarlagadda Lakshmi Prasad recalled how Narayana Reddy, serving as Rajya Sabha member brought many issues to the notice of the Government.

K.I. Varaprasada Reddy released a small book of verses in English with the title Through a Demon's Eyes by Narayana Reddy's grand-daughter Varenya. Former minister Gade Venkata Reddy and others also took part in the function.

Narayana Reddy is not only adept at writing in classical meter but in free verse as well. He penned many musical features and light songs for All India Radio.

Cinema contribution

A musical evening opened the evening with the rendition of a set of well chosen songs from among thousands Narayana Reddy songs. Most of these compositions were tuned by T.V. Raju. Kovela Erugani Devudu Kaladani a song from film Tikka Sankarayya, Eenadu Pilichenu from Magamma Sapatham; Ee Nallani Ralalo Ekannulu Daageno from Amarasilpi Jakkanna tuned by S. Rajeswara Rao; a ghazal composition Adeneevantivi Adenevintini from Saptaswaralu. The principal singer Saratchandra, known for imitating Ghantasala's voice rendered a verse written by a poet in praise of Narayana Reddy and took up a song Ennaallo Vechina Udayam from Manchi Mitrulu, tuned by S.P. Kodandapani in the same raga Pahadi he rendered the verse earlier. Neecharana Kamalala from Srikrishna Avataram and Changure Bangaru Raja from Srikrishna Pandaveeyam were a few more songs that Saratchandra and his team rendered. Ramadevi, Geetanjali and Govind joined him for duets.