Bringing out a Tamil version of The Code of Criminal Procedure and the Constitution is indeed a Herculean task. Written in a manner that can be understood even by the common man, but without changing the legal tenor, the books may serve as an easy and a ready reference for the Tamil public in general, and students in particular, to know the laws.

The book on the criminal law has been compiled by a practising advocate. The terms have been clearly expressed, starting from the definition of the code.

Both the authors have chosen the apt Tamil words for compiling the legal jargon. For instance, ‘Vaathuraignar’ refers to a “Pleader.” Call it coincidence, but the books have landed at a time when there is a demand for making Tamil as the language of the Madras High Court.

A knowledge of the basic laws among the people will certainly stand them in good stead in times of need.

Indiya Kuttra Visaaranai Nadaimurai Sattangal: The Code of Criminal Procedure (Indian)

Compiled in Tamil by S. Seshachalam -- Rs.300

Indiya Arasiyalamaippu Saasanam -- The Indian Constitution

Explained in Tamil by C.S. Devnath -- Rs.250.

Both published by T.S. Raamalingam, Narmadha Pathipagam, Chennai-600 017.


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