Ameri'kaakamma Kadhalu: Vanguri Chitten Raju; Pub. by Vanguri Foundation of America Inc. Vanguri Foundation, Satya Sai Puram, Kuntloor Village, Hayatnagar Mandal, Hyderabad-501505. Rs. 200.

Humour is at its best in this collection of stories by Chitten Raju and it comes naturally as an extension of his creativity. He has an uncanny ability to look at different life situations humorously or satirically, setting the reader to laugh not just at that moment but every time his mind reverts to it.

His first person anecdotal narration of every-day happenings is rib-tickling and the wife's character, named ‘Queen Victoria', delivers sharp punch lines and jibes throughout.

Chitten Raju's satire on day-to-day affairs has an appeal of its own. To mention a few delectable stories: ‘Viraallala Veta' is a funny take on literary events, donations, and megalomaniac literary fraternity. ‘Microwavopaakhyaanam' depicts the ordeal a couple goes through when their age-old Microwave oven breaks down.

The author has a knack of coining words and this goes to add flavour to his writing. ‘Emo. Emo', ‘Ameri'caar'u koothalu', and ‘Mari konni Kaalakshepam Kahaneelu' are among the other stories that reaffirms his position in the league of humorists of Telugu fiction.

Reviewing the book has been a refreshing experience.

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