Chitten Raju's stories blend humour with a message.

Vanguri Chitten Raju is a household name for humorous short stories in all Telugu families in India and abroad.

Born and brought up in Kakinada, Chitten Raju has settled at Houston in the United States (US) three decades ago. Known for his skills in weaving humorous stories with his experiences of daily life in the US, he has come out with another compilation of short stories Amerikaakamma Kathalu.

Serialized in Koumudi a Telugu monthly web magazine and Rachana Intinti Patrika, the stories have humor, wit and sarcasm. Be it a literary meet, a film shoot or a television programme, Chitten Raju can view it in a humorous angle and present it in his own inimitable style.

Young Men's Happy Club arranged the book release function of Amerikaakamma Kathalu at Gandhi Bhavan in Kakinada and felicitated the author.

East Godavari district Public Relations Officer K.V.S. Suryanarayana released the book and observed that Chitten Raju's stories are a perfect blend of humour and message.

Writer S. Janakirama Sastry (Janaki Jani) congratulated Chitten Raju for rendering services to Telugu literature.

Club president Dantu Surya Rao observed that any common man can identify himself with the characters of the stories penned by Chitten Raju.

Writers Aluru Vijayalakshmi and V. Sireesha said that it is not a simple task to write humorous stories continuously as Chitten Raju did.

The book is the 45th publication of Houston-based Vanguri Foundation.

Chitten Raju announced sthat he wished to conduct literary meets at least once a year in Kakinada on behalf of his foundation.