This is an abridged Telugu version of Howard Zinn's A People's History of United States and extracts from companion edition, Voices of People's History of United States by Zinn and Anthony Arnov.

Unlike most other history books that reflect the views of the elite, Zinn's looked at American history from the common man's viewpoint and this invested his work with the virtue of candidness, which accounted for its appeal. Being a historian and a political scientist, Zinn could bring in a refreshingly a new perspective to historical events.

The book has in all 17 chapters (including six in addendum). It covers important aspects of American history in great detail, even while tracking the whole trajectory.

From “Columbus, Indianlu, Maanava Pragathi”, it goes on to talk about World War 1 and the anti-war movement. “Aja leni Vietnam” depicts the Vietnam War and the resistance to it, while “Dabbhaiyyova dasakamm-anthaa adupulo undi” talks about the political corruption uncovered during the 1970s in the United States and the sense of alienation it caused among the people. “Praja Yuddham” discusses the causes of World War II as also its aftermath.

There are separate chapters on the tenures of successive Presidents, including Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Carter, George Bush, and Bill Clinton, and the book ends with the Junior Bush and the war on terrorism. The translation is neat and crisp.

AMERICA PRAJALA CHARITHRA: Translation of Howard Zinn's book in English by K. Satyaranjan, B. Bhaskar; Prajashakti Book House, Hyderabad-500020. Rs. 150.

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