Prosperity and the bottom line are dependent upon employee performance, says Nancy Spears in ‘Buddha: 9 to 5’ ( Today’s workforce, she finds, is selecting companies that offer a value-driven culture that is conscious and cares about more than just its growing profit margin. What are needed are ‘awake companies’ that deliver morality, room to grow, and appreciation for performance, Spears notes.

Look at generosity to improve the bottom line, urges the concluding section of the book. “Generosity is a mindset that is accessible at any time. It’s not contingent upon a benchmark or goal. It is there for us to tap into as simply as we inhale a sweet scent or feel the delight of a cool breeze.” An example that the author mentions is of how generosity can even show in the way you bill your clients – by project, rather than for time.

On a daily basis, our acts of generosity need not be monumental, Spears guides. “Giving a co-worker a bit more attention to really hear how his weekend went or closing down email during a phone call to really hear what the other person is saying are subtle yet significant gestures of giving in the moment.”

Helpful insights.


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