He is a novelist, a short-story writer and a screenplay writer, all rolled into one. Peace has been his mission and the essence of his writing. Balakumaran explains to M. Balaganessin how the temples in and around Tiruchi have been a catalyst to develop tranquillity, peace and noble thoughts. Be a writer or a painter or an artiste, any creativity will be ideal and perfect, only if the creator is blessed with peaceful thoughts, the veteran writer pronounces.

For him, a visit to Tiruchi is a delight for more than one reason. Temples in and around the city have been a source of inspiration for him, blessing him with a gift to realise divine grace. Mr. Balakumaran says that he had meditated at various temples in Tiruchi, constantly uttering some sacred ‘mantra'. He specifically says that it was the Sri Samayapuram Sri Mariamman temple where he realised the eternal bliss differently. “The Divine Mother at Samayapuram has been a guiding force in my quest for realising the supreme power,” he says.

Divine search

He becomes a bit emotional while narrating how he realised the divine power at Samayapuram. There are two forms of divine grace-one realised through idol worship (‘roopam') and another through formless worship (aroopam).

Divine grace at Samayapuram made him realise the formless (aroopam) dimension of the Supreme.

Learning the art of developing peaceful thoughts through his journey in attaining divine grace, Mr.Balakumaran has used his virtues and musings in creating characters for his short story or novel.

He says that for an artiste, a painter or writer or poet, creativity can be ideal and perfect, only if the creator is blessed with a balanced approach filled with certain virtues, particularly peace and tranquillity.

Our country faces several challenges – from poverty to violence and from communal clashes to extremism. All these challenges could be faced with resolve, Mr.Balakumaran says. The writer suggests a two-pronged strategy to resolve challenges Mother India is facing in today's competitive world.

Firstly, every individual should realise the self. Individuals who realised the self should join hands and float tiny groups. He strongly believes that these groups would be blessed with extraordinary capability of redeeming our country from various ills.

He had so far authored 257 novels and short-stories; scripted 26 screenplays, of which 15 were box-office hits. Currently, he is working on a biography of Sri Ramana Maharishi.

Budding artistes, writers and novelists have a great responsibility in working for society and for the welfare of posterity.

Mr. Balakumaran says that artistes-novelists should shun negative strategy and eliminate any provocative trend in their creativity to bring about change.