Vinit K. Bansal’s “I’m Heartless” is now available in Hindi

Every Book Fair comes with its share of launches. The recently concluded Delhi Book Fair too had its moments when booklovers gathered to take a first look at many a book. Among them vying for attention was “Wo Chali Gayi”, Hindi translation of Vinit K. Bansal’s novel “‘I’m Heartless”. Published by Hind Pocket Books, Bansal’s book was launched by noted author Durjoy Dutta at the Hind Pocket Books stall.

A banker by profession, Bansal revealed that ‘Wo Chali Gayi’ is based on his real life story. “The book is a work of fiction although it is based on a real life story.” While commenting on the book, Bansal said, “It is not just a book, it is my real life in which I am exploring the realities of love. Through my book I want to warn all the people in love that don’t hurt those who love you, else you will be in dark for the whole life.” He further added, “I will always try to bring reality into my books because nothing can be more unpredictable than reality itself.”

The story of the book revolves around a boy called Viren. It is about his journey of love and life. He loses his love, and after losing it, he realises its value and importance.

Asked about the inspiration for the book, he suddenly exclaimed, “Love; nothing more than love can inspire me to write a book. It is all about humanitarian nature that we always start valuing things, when we lose everything.” The author has beautifully draped his real life incidents into his book.

“It took me almost one year to complete the English edition and almost eight months to translate it to in Hindi,” he said. Asked if that is his hobby; he replied in negative. He said, “I just love to write; whenever I came back from office I started writing. I don’t find it tiring.” He further said, “It was not at all difficult for me. I feel relaxed when I jot down my thoughts on paper. They are my friends in loneliness.”

The book’s dedication is predictable too. Asked about dedication he immediately said, “My love; I found it the way to say sorry, to confess that I was wrong. It is just for her.” As for the projects he is working on, he revealed that he is working on ‘I’m Heartless Part II’ which will be released in February 2013.

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