The Hero

The story of the first superstar of Tamil cinema, M. K. Thyagaraja Bhagavathar. The singer-actor-producer, with some of the biggest hits of Tamil cinema, lived the life of a king, but tragedy struck him and he could never recover from that.

Bhagavathar: Oru Superstarinte Katha, B. Sreeraj, Rs. 130

Hail the romance

The book is on the real-life love story of B.P. Moideen and Kanchana Mala who, however, could never get married. When Moideen drowns, Kanchana chose to live as his widow and carry on the social work Moideen had initiated.

Moideen Kanchana Mala, P. T. Muhamed Sadik, Rs. 110

Short takes on life

Collection of 35 stories (‘kurumkatha’ according to the author), some of which are very short and crisp. Like, ‘Kolapathakam’, which has just one sentence. ‘It is just like finding an ocean in a drop of water,’ the author notes.

Manushyan Enna Sahajeevi, Beniyamin, Rs. 70

Pains and gains

Collection of heart-warming episodes from the author’s life. ‘It’s more painful to write about lost childhood than losing it,’ he says in the foreword.

Churam Kayarukayaanu Irangukayaanu, Arshad Bathery, Rs. 80

Tale of agony

Screenplay of Priyadarsan’s national-award winning movie, Kancheevaram, which tells the story of Vengadam, a weaver, his wife, Annam, and their daughter Thamara, set in the silk weavers’ town of Kanchipuram. Caught between ideology and personal ambitions, Vengadam loses control over his life.

Kancheevaram, Priyadarsan, Rs. 80

For copies: Mathrubhumi Books

At loggerheads

‘I have come across all the characters in the novel at one point of time or the other…,’ the authors jots down in the foreword. The novel is about how the new generation approach life and how the older generation manages to go along with the flow.

Aparnayude Thadavarakal (Aswathiyudeyum), Chandramati, Rs. 75

Mahatma’s vision

This book documents Mahatma Gandhi’s inspiring life, covering his birth, travel to South Africa and his return to India in 1914. His role in unifying a helpless community in South Africa and his growth from a lawyer to a man with vision have been covered.

Gandhi: Oranweshanam, Dr. M. Gangadharan, Rs. 140

Nostalgic trip

The author writes about Aymanam, his native place, the scenic countryside, the people and places and moments that he cherishes.

Ennittumundu Thaamarappoikakal, Aymanam John, Rs. 75

Looking beyond

Collection of 33 poems that open windows to his views on life and death. There is devotion, love, colour and hope in the verses.

Puthralabham, Sreekumaran Thampi, Rs. 60

Novel experience

The author unravels a new world in terms of writing and imagination, thus presenting a different reading experience.

Moonnu, V.H. Nishad, Rs. 70

For copies: DC Books