The Scatter Here Is Too Great: Bilal Tanweer, Rs. 350

A love story written to Karachi – as vibrant and varied in its characters, passions and idiosyncrasies as the city itself.

Mango Cheeks, Metal Teeth: Aruna Nambiar, Rs. 350

Playful coming-of-age story that gently explores the themes of growing up and loss of innocence.

The Round House: Louise Erdrich, Rs. 350

Poignant and humane story of a young boy pitched prematurely into an unjust adult world.

A Restless Wind: Shahrukh Husain, Rs. 499

Set in the backdrop of communal violence in Gujarat, it delves into Ramzi family’s hidden past and a tangled web of relationships.

How To Fall In Love: Cecelia Ahern, Rs. 350

A thoughtful, captivating and ultimately uplifting novel.


The Map And The Territory: Risk, Human Nature, And The Future Of Forecasting: Alan Greenspan, Rs. 799

An important attempt to update our forecasting conceptual grid using 21st century technologies.

The Penguin Food Guide To India: Charmaine O’brien, Rs. 499

Your companion to the delightful world of Indian cuisine.

Darling: A Spiritual Autobiography: Richard Rodriguez, Rs. 799

Major reckoner of religion, place, and sexuality in the aftermath of 9/11.

Filomena’s Journeys: Maria Aurora Couto, Rs. 495

A compelling family memoir, the book is also a revealing examination of Goan society and culture.

Delhi: Mostly Harmless: Elizabeth Chatterjee, Rs. 299

Clever and insightful take on Delhi as a 21st century metropolis through the eyes of a young PhD student.

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