Dark realities

The novel travels into the dark world of Satanic worship and its followers in Kerala. Viswanathan, the protagonist, celebrates what is tagged unholy or blasphemous by society at large.

Thamovedam, Rajeev Sivasankar, Rs. 140

Revisiting the Holocaust

Adolf Eichmann and his men had spearheaded the deaths of millions of Jews on the behest of Adolf Hitler. The man hunt they unleashed has been recollected in the book.

Hitlerude Chennaaykal, George Pullattu, Rs. 95

World through his eyes

“My poems look at the present and the future,” writes the author in the foreword. Concern for mankind and nature come across in his works. It also reflects his deep and abiding faith. There are 32 pomes in the collection.

Choolappothikal, Sebastian, Rs. 50

Life’s like that

Collection of 18 stories that dwell on the complications of present-day life.

Oru Shaityakaala Vicharana, Babu Kuzhimattom, Rs. 90

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Pleasant memories

Memories and experiences dipped in humour. That is the book for you. The author, better known to online readers through ‘Thummarukudykathakal’, laughs at himself and society in his articles. He is currently working with the United Nations Environment Programme.

Chila Naattukaryangal, Muralee Thummarukudy, Rs. 140

World vignettes

The author is among those Malayali writers who put pen to paper while living in the Capital. Since he has travelled across the world, the experiences show up in his stories. In addition to Delhi and Kerala, cities such as Vienna, Paris and London form the backdrop of some of the tales in this compilation of 70 stories.

Unnikrishnan Thiruvaazhiyodinte Kathakal, Unnikrishnan Thiruvazhiyode, Rs. 225

Lives torn apart

The author rates this book as closest to his heart. He had visited many fire cracker units to research for the novel. The world has changed, but little has changed in these sweat shops that bring a sparkle to the lives of the customers but not to the workers themselves. Emotional turmoil, vengeance and love in the lives of a handful of people working in the unit form the narrative. It was first published in 1977.

Karimarunnu, P.R.Nathan, Rs. 150

Knowing Buddha

Tales of Lord Buddha and his teachings before he attained enlightenment are included in the book. Buddha’s philosophy has been presented through stories and incidents.

Mahaaparinirvaanam, R.N.Pillai, Rs. 120

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