Actress Karisma Kapoor pens her motherhood tips and secrets in “My Yummy Mummy Guide”

How will a mother be able to give everything to the little life she has created? Would she be able to go back to her work?

The answers to these questions and more are available in the newly launched “My Yummy Mummy Guide”, authored by the actress Karisma Kapoor with Madhuri Banerjee.

“What better way to pen down my personal journey of managing pregnancy, losing weight, beauty tips and disciplining kids,” the author said at the launch at Fortis Mamma Mia, a bouquet of fitness, wellness and information solutions for maternity and child care, Gurgaon. Speaking about the need for such a book Karisma said, “We don’t have any book on pregnancy and motherhood with Indian emotion; this book will provide a literary as well as physical space to the young mothers.”

The 39-year-old actress said she had to work to maintain a balance between her work and children. She finds staying away from the kids the toughest part of her life, as it induces a guilt in her. She has discussed all these emotions from the perspective of a common mother in the book.

Speaking about the role of a mother, Karisma said, “Mom stands for master of multitasking”. There is a growing sense of pressure today among mothers to balance personal lives with professional. Dealing with this notion the author says in the book “Make the kids a part of your working life and keep yourself happy, as happy mom means happy children”.

There is always a battle in the society for the perception of quality time versus quantity time. The author says that it should be a mix of quality time and quantity time for the children. Focusing on the issue of having two kids, the author said, “Make the elder child feel special even if you have a new guest at your home who is taking all the light away with him/her so that the elder one may not feel lonely”.

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