India is good at editing realities, turning a blind eye to them and believing that fail to exist, author-journalist Jerry Pinto said at the ongoing Jaipur Literature Festival on Saturday.

“Be it the issue of criminalising homosexuality, of prostitution or a new political party’s win as an outcome of public outburst, we tend to edit realities and ignore them. So much is happening and still nothing is happening,” Pinto said.

Elaborating on the Supreme Court verdict on homosexuality, the author said the apex court did not take into account the actual number of homosexual sex cases that existed in the country.

“There are only ten per cent of the cases that are registered. I am sure, there are so many cases when a gay couple is caught by the police and they blackmail them to pay money and then get away. Did we take those cases into consideration?” Pinto said.

The Mumbai-based writer said the recent victory of Aam Aadmi Party was “another reality that we are trying to edit or ignore.”

“Why does reality makes us uncomfortable?” posed the 48-year-old author.