The works of the Algerian-French Nobel Prize-winning author Albert Camus are not new to readers of serious literature in Tamil.

Among his translated works are his novels Stranger or Outsider (Anniyan) and The Plague (Kollai Noi).

In his birth centenary year, 2013, the Association of Indian Teachers of French (AITF) has rendered into Tamil his play Le Malentendu (Misunderstanding).

The play, ‘Yethirparathathu,’ translated by K. Madanagobalane, former Director, School of English and Foreign Languages of the University of Madras, was released by Governor K. Rosaiah on Monday.

“Camus himself once described the play as one which resembled him most,” Mr. Madanagobalane said, explaining his choice of translation.

He followed the process called re-expression in interpretative theory while translating the work.

“The re-expressed text conveys the essence of the original text without compromising on the quality of translation,” said Mr. Madanagobalane, who studied André Malraux for his doctoral thesis.

Asked why he used the title Yethirparathathu (unforeseen) when Le Malentendu was translated in English as Misunderstanding, he said the literal translation of the French title was neither alluring nor adequate.

“We concluded that Yethirparathathu seemed more appropriate. It encapsulates the whole story as each character cherished a dream before the crime and finally each one’s life took a turn that was unexpected,” said Mr. Madanagopabalne, who belonged to the first batch of MA French at Annamalai University.