In his book “Practising Spiritual Intelligence”, Awdhesh Singh talks about the need for inner tranquillity and how to attain it

Today the working professional has multifold pressures.A trend has emerged in the past decade or so which has lured young adults towards a more competitive ambience, one that doesn’t only include acquiring more accolades at one’s job but also about personal stature and material wants. More often than not these desires push people over the edge and impinge on peaceful lifestyles.

Awdhesh Singh, who started his career as an engineer before joining the Indian Revenue Services, writes about seeking this inner tranquillity and harmony through his new book, “Practising Spiritual Intelligence”. It gives primacy to having a happy and calm soul over everything else and advocates developing a sense of spiritual intelligence.

“If our soul is strong, it can connect not only to our own body, mind and intellect but also with souls of others and the Universal Soul like one can connect to any server in the world by Broadband Internet connection. There is an ever existent spiritual internet in this world which can be accessed only by people with strong soul. Spiritual intelligence pertains to the development of this holistic ability for living a life of love, happiness and peace,” the author explains.

This concept seems to be an easy, systematic way to avoid stress and have a happy, healthy life. Singh calls spiritual intelligence the “intelligence of all intelligences”, as once attained it can lead to the path of complete paradise.

It is a phenomenon which has been relatively unheard of, and as fascinating as the topic is, it’s equally intriguing to know how the author chanced upon it. “My interest in the subject of soul and spirituality is perhaps due to my deep desire to perform a work in the most efficient way. For example, when I used to solve complex mathematical problems for IIT entrance examination (JEE), I knew several methods which can be employed to solve a complex problem. However, there shall be only one method which is most efficient as it enables us to solve the problems fastest with least chances of error. You must develop the intuitive ability to know this method by practice and experience” he says.

“We often use force and pressure on others to get the work done. This creates pressure, tension and anxiety in our own mind. Just imagine if, by some magic, we can create the same desire and craving in others for doing the same work. Now everything has become effortless and joyful. There is no drudgery, no resistance in doing the work and everyone is moving in the same direction to achieve the same goal. I have personally experimented with such spiritual knowledge in wherever I was posted in recent years and found that the performance of the organization improved significantly without using any pressure and even rewards”.

The author’s professional trajectory went from someone who dealt with the sciences and logic, to someone who gave prime importance to the study of soul and spirituality. Oddly enough, it was due to him learning about how scientists are trying to develop intelligence solely on the basis of artificiality during his PhD. This knowledge over intelligence that he was receiving eventually led him to understand the dynamics between human intelligence, the soul and spiritual intelligence.

Having dealt with the subject of spirituality, Singh now wishes to write about topics that are apt successors to his first book – such as good-evil dynamics, purpose of life, success and motivation. As he admits himself, “God willing, I plan to write books on these topics which can help us in living a more joyful life.”