Chauthi Duniya, now an internet television in Urdu too

In the present situation of ever-growing competition in the media world, new and creative ideas are bound to come. One such idea that was conceived by the team of the weekly ‘Chauthi Duniya' was of a 24-hour internet television channel called the Chauthi Duniya.TV. This television channel puts forth various issues that are deemed to be important from the common man's point of view. Moreover, there are detailed discussions over these issues with eminent personalities presenting their respective views as well. The Chauthi Duniya.TV has been rated higher than most Indian news channels by Alexa. This online television channel is rapidly improving in every aspect of online viewership and more progress is expected.

It is in this scenario that the team of Chauthi Duniya is bringing out the Urdu edition of the weekly newspaper, which is slated to enter the market from 23rd June. Says Santosh Bhartiya, the editor-in-chief of the weekly, “Urdu is a language of revolution and change which has now been transformed into a language of romance and lethargy. I wish to revive the old feeling. Moreover, I see the upcoming Urdu edition as a tool to interact with the 20-crore strong Muslim community of India. I very strongly feel that the Urdu edition of Chauthi Duniya is necessary for us to complete the real essence of journalism and this edition can become the mouthpiece of the real Muslim problems.” However, the 20-page, all colour, glossy, priced at Rs. 5, which already comes out in Hindi and English, is proving to be quite burdensome to carry on. Says Bhartiya, “Yes, we are running it in loss, but we are not deterred by it.”