1. Parts of the Tiruppavai are recited during the coronation of the modern day dynasty of kings in a certain country. Which country are we talking about?

a. Nepal

b. Sri Lanka

c. Thailand

d. Cambodia 

2. If Tirumazhisai Alvar was believed to be an avatar of the Sudarshana Chakram, what was Periyalvar supposed to be an avatar of?

a. Garuda

b. Panchajanya

c. Srivatsa

d. Vishwaksena

3. Which town in Tamilnadu is associated with the birth of Andal? 

a. Sriperumbudur

b. Srivilliputtur

c. Srirangam

d. Azhvartirunagari


1. c; the Rama dynasty of Kings.

2. a

3. b