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Picture of grace

P. Vijayambika
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Words of expression: Methil Devika
Words of expression: Methil Devika

Methil Devika's recital adhered to the grammar of ‘Hastha Lakshana Deepika’.

Versatile danseuse Methil Devika charmed the audience at Kunjan Nambiar Smarakam, Killikkurissimangalam, near Palakkad, with a Mohiniyattam recital that was marked with grace, elegance and creativity. Her bhava and hasthamudras, which adhered to the grammar of the performance manual, ‘Hastha Lakshana Deepika,' had the audience spellbound.

The performance commenced with invocations to Ganapathi and Nataraja, based on verses from ‘Balaramabharatham' authored by Karthika Tirunal Balarama Varma.

The item set to Dwijavanthi and Amrithavarshini ragas in chempata and eka tala respectively, was beautifully choreographed with pure dance interludes that showcased her technical prowess.

This was followed by ‘Ithumentha enikkithra,' in ragas Nadanamakriya (Khandhachappu tala) and Samathmalahari (Adi tala), a piece from Brahmanippattu. Devika's use of mudras to portray peacocks dancing to welcome the rain was excellent. Stories of Krishna's birth provided the danseuse the opportunity to showcase her bhavabhinaya.

Story of Kannagi

Devika presented a Tamil story ‘Chilappathikaram,' which was adapted by Kavalam Narayana Panikkar in ‘Ammankadha.' Lyrics by Kavalam were set to Vasantha raga and Panchari tala. Kovalan's surrender to Madhavi's coquettish charms and Kannagi's fury at his unjust execution were effectively communicated. Her transition from roudrabhava to shanthabhava was impressive.

Narayana Theerthar's padam ‘Bhooyoybhooyo' showcased her excellence in Sathwikabhinaya, as a gopika requests Krishna not to abandon her.

Devika's concluding number was ‘Manasthwom' from ‘Soundaryalahari' in Revathi.

The programme was organised by South Zone Cultural Centre.


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