No tomboy look for Esha

Hema Malini has pulled all the plugs to make Tell Me Oh Khuda a perfect re-launch for daughter Esha Deol. Since clothes and the look are paramount today, the shrewd producer has hired Rocky S, one of the most sought after fashion designers. Rocky, who is working with Esha after a gap of two years, says, “We want to keep it simple, young and casual. So I didn't want to go with the ‘very fitted' look. I gave her a lot of soft cotton dresses and soft curls. Her look is very feminine. I didn't want her to look like a tomboy. I gave her five-inch heels to wear throughout the film. Wearing big heels is the only thing she cribbed about.”

Though he feels earthy tones, white and red look best on Esha, Rocky has experimented with colours such as burgundy, military green, grey and black. Rocky has factored in the fact that the film will be shot in Turkey, Rajasthan, Goa and Mumbai. He says, “I gave her coats and mufflers in Turkey because it can get very cold, while in Goa she will be sporting lighter clothes.”

Now for the million dollar question — Will she be wearing a bikini? “Sadly no. We didn't want to do the cliché of Esha coming out of the water in a bikini,” says Rocky. “There are scenes where she is coming out of the beach but it's going to be in an entirely different attire.”

Uvika's challenge

The Toh Baat Pakki team, Tabu, Sharman Joshi, Vatsal Sheth and Uvika Chowdhary, spent a lot of time shooting in Ooty. Uvika has many stories to tell about their stay, but is partial to one horror story. She says, “Once we were having dinner at around 2 in the night and we started playing truth and dare. It was my turn to dare Sharman and Vatsal to do something. So I dared them to walk till the end of a graveyard close to the location. They happily agreed and took a stroll.”

But they thought I had acted too smart for my boots and wanted to get even. The next night, around the same time, they both covered themselves in white cloth, and came banging on my hotel room. I sleepily drawled, ‘Kaun hai bhai raat ke do baje'. I thought it was a unit member with a message. When I saw through the eyehole, I could see two all-white bodies. I couldn't believe my eyes nor could I scream; my voice just choked. The next morning, we had to report as early as 7 a.m. and I reached the set with puffy eyes, I hadn't been able to sleep a wink all night. When I was applying make-up, Sharman and Vatsal asked me why I was looking so pale. I nervously began telling my story … only when I saw them holding their sides and doubling up with laughter, did I realise they had conned me.”

A milestone

Abhishek Bachchan has completed 10 years in the industry (his debut film, Refugee, was released in 2000). But he claims to be unaware of this landmark till we jogged his memory. A trifle surprised, he says, “Have I (completed 10 years)? Time flies. I look back at this phase with a lot of fondness. It has been a great 10 years. I have learnt a lot. But I see a lot of scope for improvement, there is a very long road ahead.”

For the record, excluding a dozen special appearances, Abhishek has already done 32 films.

The ace up Shraddha's sleeve

Shraddha Kapoor, who looks like her mother Shivangi in her heyday, is the daughter of funny (and at times wily) actor, Shakti Kapoor. She is also one of the few actors who will be working with her father in her debut film. The film, Teen Patti, stars Amitabh and Ben Kingsley but also has Shakti Kapoor in a small role.

Shraddha says, “I'm very grateful that my dad is doing the film even if it is a very small role. It is his way of giving me his blessings.”

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