The performers from Bulgaria, Hungary and Egypt at the Chennai Citi Centre will leave you spell-bound, completely mesmerised with their flair for mid-air stunts, dancing, graceful endurance and elasticity of their body, enough to make you believe it’s all visual effects. Coming to think of it, they are visual effects, only unaided by technology - a 100 per cent human, manual special effects on show.

Scores of visitors at the mall had a taste of Trapezia 09 last week as they watched the acrobatic dancers sweep their feet off and the place turned into a mini-circus and ballet hall. The performances will continue till November 8th, every evening, between 4 p.m. and 7 p.m.

The action began around half-past seven, when Kinga, the contortionist from Hungary, elegantly wrapped herself around satin rope and before you knew it, she had climbed up thirty feet with the grace of a ballet dancer, with no strings or wires attached… just the right kind of knots that happened in the course of her performance.

The Vankini Duo, contortionists from Bulgaria, were next, acting like Siamese twins inside a long, colourful costume that morphs into assorted shapes and sizes, thanks to sheer choreography.

The crowd couldn’t help but applaud. Tanura from Egypt, next came up with an Egyptian dance, an invocation to the God as he whirled non-stop for over 15 minutes and did a whole lot of things during the period - such as change his costumes, juggle boxes, drink water, toss up a part of his costume (that lit up literally for a finale) etc.

The finale was sheer magic when aerial dancers, Zolie and Zsandra from Hungary, came up with some gravity-defying stunts in mid-air and danced fifteen feet above the ground in perfect co-ordination, using nothing but the rope to go all the way up.

To see for yourself, all you need to do is drop into the mall, any evening, before November 8th.

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