This new fragrance boutique offers you scented candles, fragrances and accessories

Iris Aroma Boutique is a store that offers a range of home fragrances and accessories. Once you step inside, you pause to to admire the beautiful way the store is designed. There is a potpourri of colours, fragrances and candles on display, each one beckoning you with its beauty.

The store is designed in such a way that the colours are easy on your eye and fragrances on your nostrils. This 15-day old store offers you reed diffusers which come in pretty packages. They come in varied options and in designer ceramic, wood or stone containers for the fragrance, in which you can place your diffuser. They start at Rs. 400.

The store offers you 14 variants of fragrance that include lemon grass and green tea to name a few. The fragrance starts at Rs. 250 each.

Then there are the pretty candles, which the store claims is drip free and burns for 35 hours.

These cylindrical beauties come in varied colours and sizes.

Along with them there are also tea lights. In case you are not for scented candles, the store offers you designer candles sans the fragrance. They start at Rs. 250.

Iris also offers you designer candle stands, home accessories and pots to place your dry flowers in. They come in the shapes of antique lamp holders and also contemporary metal stands in pretty shapes and sizes. Then there are also a range of candle stands with mirrors that reflect the light when lit. They are ideal for candle lit dinners. The candles start at Rs. 250.

Besides, these the store also offers incense sticks (Rs. 65) and fragrance sachets (Rs. 50) and a range of potpourri. You can choose the fragrance and get them customised to your taste and style.

The store is open from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. and can be contacted on 22225064.