On GST Road from Chennai to Chingleput is Singaperumal Koil and five km away is Kolathur. The ancient name for the village was Sembian Kolathur denoting Chola connection. The small village, famous for Sama Vedic is home for two temples, one of Sri Narayana and another of Sri Thulaseeswarar. One of the Divyadesam, the consort of the main deity at the Vishnu temple is Amodhavalli.

It is interesting that the deity of a Siva temple takes the name of tulsi, considered sacred for Sri Narayana. Legend has it that the lingam is one of the 108 that Agastyar created. He is said to have adorned the deity with konrai garland and worshipped with tulsi leaves. It is said that worshipping Siva on Mondays with tulsi earns the devotee the Lord’s affection.

The 850-year old Sri Thulaseeswarar temple has been taken up for renovation. Work is partially completed but is facing dearth of funds. Sri Thulaseeswarar Bhakta Jana Sabha that is carrying out the renovation has appealed for funds. Cheques and drafts in favour of the Sabha may be sent to No1, Third Cross Street, MES Road, East Tambaram, Chennai 600059. For details contact 044-22791057 and K. Ramesh (9444022133).