Check out the tribal expo

The National Tribal Crafts Expo at Peoples Plaza is an eye-opener on the tribals' lifestyle. From intricate weaves to stuff for your designer interiors, the crafts expo has them all. Also, for once, none of the stalls are marketing pickles, jungle-honey, aloe-vera products and the likes.

Junk jewellery lovers will go surely fall in love with the collection exhibited by the stall owners of Nagaland, Mizoram, Orissa, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan. The neck pieces from the north-eastern states are elaborate and intricate and reflect their love for all things colourful. The collection from Rajasthan brings the minakari work. Colourful and almost close to real minakari work the price for these ranges from Rs. 250 to 350. Silver lovers should visit the stall from Uttar Pradesh, the lady has everything from tiny studs to hangings that will make heads turn.

The women from Sikkim are doing a brisk business with their colourful bags, bamboo wall hangings with dragons and colourful money purses. If you are not already tired of the dry flower collections from the north-eastern states you can check the winter flower collection here.

However, it is the stone powder pottery from Manipur that is drawing a lot of crowd. Called the Longpi Pottery, it is traditionally called as “Longpi Ham”. Artisan from Manipur makes this pottery in different shapes and sizes. From cups, trays, dishes to Hampai pottery these stalls have them all. The giant size pottery is also called as royal pottery because, only the rich and noble family of Manipur can afford to have and use it for cooking of meat on the occasion of marriages, festivals, feasts, anniversaries etc. The exbition is on till December 6.

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