Dimpy Menon continues to focus on the human figure.

Fluid movements in instantaneous slices of moments comprise sculptor Dimpy Menon's latest series of bronze sculptures. These works, collectively titled “Spirit of Life”, will be on display at Bangalore's Alila Hotel from March 31 till April 8. The human figure continues to be the focus of “The Spirit of Life”.

But, here, these figures contain a certain rhythm. They appear lyrically stretched out in various poses, stepping off a pedestal, stretched over a granite “ball” or on posing on ribbon-like strips of bronze on granite. The movements of these figures appear like graceful postures of dance frozen yet moving, like the eternity contained within a moment of time.

“I'm trying to use the body in movements to explore the human spirit. Though I find that the qualities of the human spirit are endless, here I have tried to communicate the celebration of life and the indomitable human spirit,” explains Dimpy.

She says that the figures in motion become an aesthetic eclecticism. At the same time they reflect a certain trend in her life. “I'm at the time in my life where I'm stretching my limits to see how much my body can take.”

She would like the figures to capture the attention of the viewer in a way that seeps into their everyday lives. “I hope that the spirit of joy, elation and search is infectious. I have been working in the human body for a few years now and I see that one work always leads to another, the next sculpture always suggests itself. It is a catharsis of thought while being a continuation of the earlier thought.”

Dimpy has used the age-old technique of “Lost-wax casting” where the bronze metal is cast using wax or clay models.

Bottomline: The atist tries to communicate the celebration of life and the indomitable human spirit.

The Spirit of Life: Dimpy Menon, Alila Hotel, 100/6, HAL-Varthur Main Road, Whitefield, Bangalore. From March 31 till April 8.


At WorkSeptember 24, 2010