Good Earth presents a design collection that pays tribute to the richness of Golkonda

You can hear the soulful notes of ‘Khwaja mere khwaja' as you walk past admiring ornate golden lanterns, royal dinnerware and upholstery at Good Earth's Design Collection 2011-2012 ‘Golkonda' exhibition, which takes you back in time to kings and their opulent palaces. The Golkonda range, priced between Rs. 700 and Rs. 22,500 is inspired by the arts and crafts that thrived in the Deccan and royal courts. The symbol of Tipu Sultan, the tiger, is recreated on the cushions and upholstery while smaller cushions bear portraits of royal women against florescent colours. There are also cushions in fine cotton and silk that have princes and princesses in their royal garb imprinted on them. Also available are bedspread and pillows in floral patterns. Bidri, a craft of silver inlay work on black metal, is the inspiration for the designs on the dinnerware. The bowls, plates and cutlery come in kaleidoscopic patterns of black and fuchsia. Lanterns in various shapes and sizes exude an old-world charm.

“Machilipatnam,” a collection of printed quilts and cushions, presents the traditional Kalamkari in contemporary hues. Imagine plates with the elephant and chatri motifs of Mysore! The motifs stand out for their traditional beauty. The range also include cups and trays in shades of mild green and blue. The brave soldiers of the royal army too find a place on plates, cups and trays. A range of cut-glass furniture and jewellery inspired by the Golkonda diamonds are also available at the store.

‘Golkonda' is on display at Good Earth, Rutland Gate, Fourth Street, Nungambakkam.


Arts, Entertainment & EventsMay 14, 2012