Wallframes ventures into furniture, seasoned teak furniturewith a lifetime guarantee

‘Planter's Arbor' arouses romantic images, of life in huge bungalows amid vast tea estates. Renny Jacob with this line of furniture hopes to bring back some of that romance and old world charm into contemporary homes.

After Wallframes (an art gallery/shop) why furniture? “Furniture is an extension and an aspect of art. It is to do with aesthetics,” explains Renny.

Different styles

The furniture at the store, a recent addition, harks back to another era. And intentionally so, he says. Because what passes off in the name of furniture is not suited for ‘our climate and our culture.' Think huge leather or heavily upholstered or carved sofas, for instance.

A lot of thought has gone into each design or rather the selection of each piece. Each piece at the store has a story. Renny points to one which is a replica of chairs at the Madras Club. There is a set which is of the Chettinad style of furniture-making. In fact, a chair he got from his wife's grandfather too has been put to good ‘use', it has also been replicated. Replicating sounds complicated when he explains it. “An ordinary carpenter will not do. The pieces are handcrafted. Look at the lines and the fluidity, symmetry too has to be recreated. It is not easy.” A lot of ‘research and development' goes into this, Renny says. The search for that perfect craftsman led him to Chennai, where he gets most of the furniture made to order.

The designs are, mostly, borrowed from the furniture in the old estates and bungalows. The way the cane is wrought and the style are reminiscent of the good old days. All the furniture in this collection is made of teak, reclaimed teak. The teak has been seasoned for more than fifty years, and the years seem to add an extra something to the wood, besides longevity.

Antique look

The furniture does not have the faux antique look acquired from coats of paint and polish. Instead most of the furniture is made from teak which looks like it has been coated with golden honey. Another thing about the teak used is that “its moisture content is extremely low at under 10 per cent. Generally it is at around 30-35 per cent, and this moisture content causes problems with the furniture like expanding,” Renny says. The grains are natural and not the artificial added grains.

All good things come after a wait, so you choose your piece, place and order and the furniture will be yours. At the most it will take a couple of months. The chairs are extremely tempting, however you can buy them only as sets. There are dining table-chair sets (six seater upwards), chest of drawers, bar stool and counters, book shelve, bedsteads etc. All good things come with a pricey tag, the dining tables start at Rs. 50,000 and the chairs (yes, separate) at Rs. 15,000.

Wallframes is located on Chittoor Road.


MetroplusJune 28, 2012