Exhibition of works by 18 artists united by a common thread – a metaphor for life

The Emerging Idioms exhibition at Apparao Galleries is a feast for the eyes. There are many colours and shapes, canvasses and installations. Perhaps, when you look at the larger picture, they might come together to form global idioms about life, Nature and thought processes.

The 18 artists featured in the show have distinct messages that they bring across through their art. Maria Antony Raj’s installation of a ‘Man Carrying Building’ shows his prowess in building an economy and being its backbone. The man stands inside a mesh cage, perhaps denoting that he is caged by his choices. ‘Tree Of Life’ has flowers flowing out of a mesh cage (made of bronze, mild steel and copper). One of the flowers has a man who holds a tree. Perhaps it refers to man giving life to Nature thereby making him the tree of life? Or Nature giving birth to man, whose duty is to protect it?

Varying emotions

Benita Perciyal’s mixed media on paper ‘Seed Boat On Paper Sea’, has a seed boat the shape of an apple cut in half, or a misshapen heart. The sea is made of paper cut into curly waves. M. Siva’s art is a metaphor for a lot of things. He talks of God’s new avatar as a mirror and has a series of charcoal and pencil sketches in small rectangular frames, hanging in rows from ceiling to floor. It has sketches that look beyond the exterior, into different parts of the body, of the psyche. The subjects are mostly silhouettes and show various emotions from liberation to shame.

The life-size installation of a man (made of iron) is R. Janarthanan’s version of ‘Nest’. The sculpture is made of intertwining iron wires. Perhaps this means self-discovery, building and finding oneself — just like a bird builds its nest. Or is it being comfortable in one’s skin, which is akin to one’s home? His other installation ‘Shelter’ looks like the bottom half of a dissected globe. It is overrun with nails, maybe denoting the amount of space there is or isn’t. It may also denote trees.

‘Local’s Global’ is an interactive installation by N. Ramachandran — a large wooden square with smaller compartments.

Each compartment can be opened and peeped into, and has a little note about global issues. At the helm is religion, followed by environment, morals, politics and so on. Another similar installation has the artist in god-like garb at the centre.

Attention to detail

Gatam Bhatia’s army of brass and bronze men are extremely flexible and athletic. They’re involved in a series of impossible jumps, turns and twists, and every little movement is captured to the last detail.

Joel Suganth’s ‘Constellations’ is a series of telescopic images of the sky. There are stars, planets and infinite particles connected by invisible threads.

Sujeeth Kumar’s ‘Resonance’ is interesting, to say the least. Intersecting groups of concentric circles on a steel plate, like the ripples that surface on clear waters.

P. Suresh Kumar’s acrylic on board has a series of triangles stacked on top of each other, facing different directions. From one side, they seem like a stack of books and from another, an insanely large sandwich with colourful patties and sauces.

(Emerging Idioms is will be on display till July 11 at Apparao Galleries, 7, Wallace Gardens, Third 3 Street, Nungambakkam)


Anusha ParthasarathyJune 28, 2012

MetroplusJune 28, 2012