Artist Dimpy Menon highlights the resilience, joy, strength and freedom of the human spirit through a series of bronze sculptures at her new exhibition at Chawla Art Gallery in Saket's Square One Mall here.

The sculptor has tried to bring about a happy marriage between human qualities and forms to epitomise the celebration of life.

Ms. Menon, who graduated from Chennai's College of Art in 1986, has had over 50 solo and group shows in India and abroad. “The sculptures come from a quiet place. They are divided into three parts – the body in movement, the body in nature and the body in repose. I have always enjoyed creating the body in motion. I have tried to explore how much our body can take or give,” says she.

The sheen of the bronze and the texture of the granite ensure that they play off each other beautifully. “Essentially all the work has to be rooted in drawing. The human form is the main element. Nature is sometimes represented as it is or symbolically,” Ms. Menon says.

The artist has often been referred to as a “one-woman army” for her sheer skill in handling the entire process of sculpting right from clay to the final bronze work.

The exhibition is on up to November 30.

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