Exhibition ‘Chitralekha' throws the spotlight on folk and tribal art

Gond art, Patua, Patachitra, Madhubani, Kerala mural art, Cherial scrolls and Kalamkari — folk and tribal art forms explode with the colours of India, her flora, mythology and folklore. Most importantly, they capture the perceptions of traditional artisans as they celebrate festivals, the rites of passage, and life itself.

‘Chitralekha', presented by The Crafts Council of India, brings each of these traditional art forms in a series of frames and scrolls. The exhibition captures the essence of ancient folk and tribal paintings as they move beyond their traditional canvas, even their motifs, to meet contemporary challenges.

These art forms exhibit a sensitivity to the environment, what with the use of natural pigments, and the celebration of flora and fauna. Gond art, in particular, venerates Nature, and has as subject the symbiotic relationship among birds, snakes, peacocks, beasts and trees.

The Bengal patua panels on canvas and handmade paper have a predilection of bright reds, yellows and greens. The themes range from the mythological to the contemporary.

The exhibition is on at Gallery Sri Parvati, 28/160, Eldams Road, today and tomorrow.


Colours and forms as decorationNovember 15, 2010

Stretching the canvasAugust 26, 2010

Artistic melangeAugust 10, 2010