Devarakonda Venkata Lakshmi paints the rural life near Godavari.

It is a journey across the countryside rich in its myriad charms of bucolic life and its pastoral beauty through colours at Premasamajam Visakhapatnam. Devarakonda Venkata Lakshmi of Mamuduru in West Godavari district essayed to capture the charm of rural women folk in their daily chores on canvas.

Paintings in water colour besides oil and acrylics on display offered a panoramic view of varied shades of rural women folk. The picturesque nature of Godavari districts inspires her, says the artist. “I take my subject from the real life scenario.

A usual scene of rural women in their daily routine chores are aglow with aesthetic feel, which people miss to take note of and that forms my theme” she said. Dabbling in bright and harmonious shades, her works sparkle in their realistic exuberance.

While the portrait of an old tribal lady sporting an umbrella made of Palmyra leaves in a village fair captures the unalloyed joy writ large on face in all its rustic beauty; fisherwomen sorting out the day's catch for sale was reflective of the hectic activity on the return of the fishermen before the sundown.

Kosana Cultural Academy organised the exhibition.