Colonial Cousins - Hariharan & Lesle Lewis

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Hariharan and Lesle Lewis came together as the Colonial Cousins last night after a gap of many years. On Day 5 of The Hindu Friday Review November Fest a packed auditorium eagerly awaited the famous duo. They were beautifully supported by a band comprising Azarias Darryl Rodrigues (keyboards), Keith Donald (bass guitar), Christopher Fonceca (lead guitar), Cassius Fernandes (drums) Shahdaab Roshan Bhartiya (tabla), Paras Nath (flute) and backing vocalists Neisha Mascarenhas and Mimosa Pinto. Video courtesy: NDTV-Hindu

"I have no issues with Rahul Gandhi"

In a press conference held at Chennai, she alleged that she has sufficient proof to what she has said in her letter and has no plans to join any political party now.

-> "I am not accusing anybody of corruption. My own party has treated me so badly."

-> "I welcome the BJP government to go through every single clearance given by me as Minister."

A group of tourists is traversing South India as millions of Indians have for years: on Hindustan Ambassadors »

The first trailer of Mark Wahlberg-starrer ‘Ted 2’ was released on Friday. »

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